Jacob is a Danish bass player from Copenhagen, age 24. He is versatile in his musicianship, stretching from contemporary double bass & electronic ambient/experimental music to indierock and nordic traditional folk music. In these different genres he often steps up as bandleader, soloist and composer which is noticeable in the mark he sets on the music that is created by/with him. In his short career he has already shown initiative and discipline, which shows in the amount and quality of his work. He is a musician that use curiosity as an engine to move him forward with excitement and passion. As a 16-year-old, Jacob left his music-gymnasium to study music fulltime instead, until he went to Skurup in Sweden, where he went deep down into the Nordic traditions of melody and time. Following his time there, he went to study in Berlin at Jazz-Institut Berlin (UdK) with great bass player Greg Cohen (Tom Waits, Billy Higgins, John Zorn & Bill Frisell). This meeting changed many things and made Jacob a much more aware and open musician.

During all this time and since then, Jacob has been active on the music scenes in Denmark, Sweden & Berlin. Alongside school he has been driving the band Silent Laika as a composer & producer resulting in 3 studio albums and countless concerts. Jacob is composer and bandleader in Berlin-based acoustic quartet ‘Pure Venice’, a band with an energetic and contemporary sound featuring Julius Gawlik, Marius Wankel & Sölvi Kolbeinsson. Lately he has been working on his solo debut as an eletronical artist resulting in his first album, released on Berlin label ‘ACNA RUSD’. The game is released as a videogame, where different small planets are shaped after the vibe of the music. Alongside his activities in Berlin, he is frequently active on the Copenhagen avantgarde scene, playing extensively at the summer and winter jazz festivals.

Lately he has been developing his craft as a designer of clothes and masks, fortifying his performances with stagewear that helps create the complete feeling of the music. He is selftaught and quickly developed his own style that is shaped by playfulness and a love for the texture of fabrics.